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Terms and conditions

This page establishes the terms and conditions of use of the DAILYJOBS website, as well as the services we offer.


About us

Dailyjobs ( www.dailyjobs.es ) is a new search tool that helps you find companies or professionals for any kind of service, facilitating your decision to hire a service professional or carry out a specific project in your home or area, easily according to your availability and price range.

Dailyjobs offers the first platform (including this website, mobile applications, etc.), which acts as a meeting point between “clients” who wish to request these services and the companies or professionals that offer these services locally.

With Dailyjobs, we want to create the first platform is exclusively dedicated to the connection between workers and individuals. It offers individual users (from now on referred to as “clients”) the possibility of creating an advertisement that contains information on the type of professional work they require, their budget, and optionally an execution period. In turn, professional users (from now on referred to as “workers”) will be able to send the “client” their budget offer for the required work.

  1. Company details

Pursuant to Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, below the identifying details of the company operating this website.

Company name: DAILYJOBS, SL.

Registered office: Provenza 555, ground floor, 08026 Barcelona

CIF: B01720366

Registry data: Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Sheet B-550216, to folio 203 of volume 47384

Domain name: www.dailyjobs.es + https://www.dailyjobsapp.com/

For any questions you can contact Dailyjobs at the email address hola@dailyjobs.es

  1. General aspects of the terms of use.
  • For the present purposes we call: (a) ” User ” of the website, any person who browses and / or uses the features of this website. (b) ” Worker” is a professional, company or freelancer, who offers his services to “clients” through DAILYJOBS. A “worker” does not have any type of employment relationship with DAILYJOBS. (c) ” Client” is a natural or legal person, who requires the services of a “freelance” for the execution of a project or provision of a service and who uses DAILYJOBS in order to contact him. (d) “Project” is the specific task entrusted by the client to a worker.
  • Any service that is contracted through this website between “worker” and the “client” will be subject to the particular terms and conditions agreed between both. DAILYJOBS does not form part of or participate in the agreement between the users. The agreed services between client and worker only binds the parties and, in no case, to DAILYJOBS. The client is responsible for the payment of the contracted services and the worker is responsible for the execution of the committed work, within the terms, conditions and deadlines agreed between both. Any claim or any matter that derives from or is related to the execution of the contract between worker and Client will not affect DAILYJOBS, without prejudice to being able to act as a mediator in disputes between both, as established in these General Conditions.
  • The “worker” is solely responsible for complying with their own tax, social and labor obligations, and especially for complying with the labor security measures to prevent accidents required by Spanish Law. Any labor accident or damage caused for non-compliance with these rules will be the worker’s sole responsibility. He is also responsible for presenting the required qualifications and is, if applicable, in possession of the licenses or permits necessary for the exercise of their activity and / or profession, as well as having the material and human resources necessary for the effective provision of the service. Dailyjobs does not hold any responsibility in this regard, especially in case of a labour accidents.


  • Prohibition of use: we reserve the right to prohibit the use of the website and the services (or any part of them) to any user who does not respect or does not comply with these General Conditions or the particular ones that may exist regarding specific services. As a general rule, the products or services that can be offered or made available from workers and / or Clients are not available to minors, in accordance with Spanish legislation.
  • DAILYJOBS will make any reasonable efforts to correct any error or omission as soon as possible from the moment the notification was received. DAILYJOBS reserves the right to change, modify, substitute, suspend or withdraw without prior notice any Service or information on the Website at any time.
  • Viruses and related: DAILYJOBS do not guarantee that the Services or the website are free from viruses or anything related that may have harmful effects on any type of technology.
  • Access closure: although we try to maintain uninterrupted access to the Services of the Website, access to it may be suspended, restricted or canceled at any time. Your access to the website and / or the services may also be restricted from time to time for repairs and maintenance, or the introduction of new devices or services. We will try to restore such access as soon as we reasonably can. We also reserve the right to block access and / or edit or remove any material that in our reasonable opinion may lead to a breach of this Agreement.
  • Suspension and Cancellation of Accounts: We reserve the right to close Accounts if any user is violating our terms of use, including if there are reasonable indications or we have knowledge that the user may have committed or is committing fraud or any kind of criminal activities or offenses against us or third parties. If a worker or User violates the rules, we keep the right to take action and block their profile temporarily or permanently. We offer no refunds or compensations for the time the user is blocked.
  1. Access to the website

Access to this Website is free. However, access to the services offered by Dailyjobs is reserved exclusively for registered users. In this case, the User agrees to duly protect the access keys (associated with the provided email address). This code is for the exclusive use of the User and its custody and correct use are their entire responsibility, presuming the user carries out the actions under the registered User code assigned to him.

The user must be at least 18 years of age, of legal capacity to request services, and is obliged to make good use of this website, meaning good use that is in accordance with current legislation, good faith and public order. The user is obliged to provide accurate information and to update it immediately in case of change.

Among the services we offer to Freelancers and Clients is the provision of a personal space from which to advertise and offer or request services. To register as a user, you must provide some personal information. Consult our practices for collecting and processing personal data in our Privacy Policy (link ) for more details in this regard.

  1. How to register in Dailyjobs ? 


  1. a) .- For ” client ” users :


In order to use the platform and access the services as a “client”, you must create an account for free. You need to provide the necessary contact information such as phone number and email address. You will have to accept the terms and conditions of use of the website and accept our Privacy Policy (link). You will receive a verification e-mail or a code via text message to verify your profile. Alternatively, you may add a profile picture and a description of yourself. In addition, you will have to add your address. This information is only shown to the “workers” with whom you have contracted to provide the service or carry out a project.

As a client you can use all the standard services of Dailyjobs for free, only special services like “urgent announcements” can be purchased within the application. Check here for our pricing / rates policy (link).

  1. b) .- Register as a “freelance” user :


As a professional, you must register to use the application. You will have to provide contact information such as phone number, email, company address and VAT number. You will receive an email or code via text message to verify your profile. You will have to accept   the terms and conditions of use of the website, accept our Privacy Policy (link). You must confirm that you have the knowledge, skills and material resources necessary to carry out the services offered to clients. You must also accept that you are responsible for the execution and the legal consequences arising from the services provided. After registering, there is a free trial period of two weeks for using the website. Afterwards, you will have to pay a monthly or annual fee according to the price policy determined by Dailyjobs in each case and which you can consult here (link).

To appear in searches made by clients you must add to your profile your professional skills by categories and configure your calendar to display your availability. In the description section of ” my profile” you can add information about yourself or your company. In your profile portfolio you can add photos of previous work to show your skills and attract clients.

c).- Operation of the site: DAILYJOBS offers users “clients” the possibility of creating an advertisement that contains information on the type of professional work they need, their budget, and optionally an execution period. In turn, professional “freelance” users will be able to send the client their budget offer for the required work. 

The client contacts the Freelancer through the site in the provided direct messaging system / chat. After an exchange on the details of the Project and agreement by both parties on requesting the service under the set terms, the requested period will be blocked in the calendar of the “worker”.

Workers have the right to set their own prices (per hour or project). This price is binding after agreement between the worker and the customer and cannot be changed afterwards. (Alterations can be requested if more work or time to complete is required and are granted if the customer accepts it).

In case of agreement, payments will be made directly between the client and the worker without intervention of Dailyjobs.

Dailyjobs users agree to the fair use of the services laid out on the platform to avoid any damages to users they contact, except for diseases, accidents, or other related causes of force majeure. Any of these need to be communicated as soon as possible to the other party to allow for a cancelation of the contracted services. Dailyjobs is not responsible and will therefore not respond to any damages to the user as a result of a cancelation. Should repeated cancelations by the same client or professional be detected, Dailyjobs reserves its right to suspend or delete the user account, temporarily or indefinitely. Dailyjobs is not going to execute refunds or compensations for the time the account is blocked for not respecting the presented conditions of use. For “professionals”, any membership fees during that period will not be refunded, neither partially nor completely.

  1. Price of services:

a) .- As a ” client ” you can use all the standard services of Dailyjobs for free.  Registration in Dailyjobs is free for “client” users. It is also free to create your profile or advert, in which you may include a description of the service required, the necessary budget. Searching for a company and / or freelance worker, asking questions about or searching for the service and / or work that would be contracted are also free.

The special services as “urgent ads” can be purchased within the app: The indicated 2,90 Euros include VAT.

b) Free - Sending 3 estimates a month for 0€

Pack 10 estimates - Additional estimates can be purchased in a pack of 10 estimates for a price of 19.90€ including VAT.
Pack 25 estimates - Additional estimates can be purchased in a pack of 25 estimates for a price of 39.90€ including VAT.
Unlimited - Sending an unlimited amount of estimates for 34.90€ including VAT, per month. 

“Monthly periods” are calculated from the day of the first payment and for the following 30 days, not by calendar months.

Cancellation of monthly membership: the cancellation needs to be requested 5 days before the paid month ends, otherwise the next month’s Membership has to be paid.

We do not refund Memberships for a started month.

Cancellation of Yearly Membership: the cancellation needs to be requested 15 days before the paid year ends.

Otherwise the membership extends automatically for another 6 months with the same price and conditions.

  1. Offers, promotions

Occasionally, Dailyjobs may present opportunities, promotion or offers to its users. All these promotions will be undertaken at the discretion of Dailyjobs, which can apply, modify, or delete them at any moment without notice.

Dailyjobs is going to publish the offers and / or promotions offered to its users with a detailed and precise description of their terms and conditions.

Promotions are an offer provided by Dailyjobs to reduce the amount a professional user may pay regarding the fees of the platform. Promotions or offers do not affect the amount a client has to pay to a professional for his or her work. The use or presentation of any promotion or offer has the sole purpose of being a promotional incentive for the platform and does in no way create a relationship or obligation between Dailyjobs and the professional user or worker, nor constitute a salary, fee or any paid amount to the professional by Dailyjobs. The use accepts to participate in promotions and / or offers according to the terms and conditions set by them. The promotion is only possible once per user, regardless of the e-mail address used during registration. Dailyjobs reserves the right to retain or request the return of any benefits acquired through a promotion or offer in case its use was wrong, fraudulent, illegal or infringes in any way the agreed terms and conditions

  1. System of recommendations and mediation in conflicts (if applicable):


Clients and freelancers can review / recommend each other at the end of the service or project. The review will be visible in the public profile of the user. For the transparency and accuracy of information in our community, workers and/or users are not able to remove or delete negative reviews. If in their opinion the review is not accurate, they can contact Dailyjobs.

Dailyjobs reserves the right to remove the feedback after evaluation.

The reviews must reflect objective considerations and in no case may contain offensive or insulting comments. If this is the case, Dailyjobs reserves the right and the possibility to eliminate the review or comment.

In the event of disagreement between the client and the freelancer regarding the quality of the service provided, they are obliged to inform Dailyjobs through  hola@dailyjobs.es, which in turn will do everything possible to find an amicable solution between the parties. If it is not possible to reach an agreement, the resolution of the dispute (extrajudicial or judicial) will be the sole responsibility of the users.


  1. Legal Conditions applicable to REGISTERED USERS

By acquiring the condition of Registered User of Dailyjobs , the User expressly declares to know these legal conditions, agrees to comply with them, and fully takes the responsibility, contractual and extra-contractual, that its breach may cause, both against Dailyjobs and against third parties harmed by said breach.

Registered Users of Dailyjobs expressly declare to know and accept that:

A.- By registering as a user on this website, you declare:

– To be of legal age and with the capacity to contract.

– To have read and accepted these Terms of Use.

You also agree to properly comply with the applicable legislation in relation to your conduct and the content of the information provided, as well as with the applicable tax legislation in relation to the purchase and sale of the contracted services.

Additionally, as a User you accept the specific conditions referred to in the Privacy Policy section.

B.- Dailyjobs reserves the right to reject any application for registration or to cancel a previously accepted registration, without being obliged to communicate or state the reasons for its decision and without generating any right to compensation. 

.- The contents that users provide to the website are their sole responsibility and therefore, they will respond to Dailyjobs and to third parties for them, both in relation to the data provided about registered businesses on the website, as well as in relation to the contents indicated in any of the functions provided in the different sections of the site; in particular, the specifications (prices, quantities, conditions) on products or services or related offers made available to other Users.

.- That Dailyjobs makes no editorial control of the content provided by users, acting as a simple means of interaction between users and therefore Dailyjobs has no liability for such content, beyond which could be expressly attributed by Law due to its status as a provider of content hosting services on the web.

  1. – The foregoing does not prevent that as soon as those responsible for the Website are aware of the performance by Users of any conduct contrary to the law and order or general principles of the current legal system, they can remove any content from the website that constitutes such conduct at the request of injured third parties or of the competent authorities.

.- The opinions, photographs and other content, where appropriate, provided by Users must not violate the law, order or principles of the legal system in force at all times. Consequently, Dailyjobs reserves the right to inform the competent authorities of said behaviors, if they occur, as well as to take the legal action, attributed to it by the current legal system at all times, against Users who carry out said behaviors.

.- The User will be solely responsible for the claims that may be made to Dailyjobs by harmed third parties caused by the content provided by its Users. 

H .- The user agrees to make all declarations and formalities necessary for the development of its activity and comply with all legal, labor and social security obligations, administrative and tax as well as all the specific obligations which will devolve in accordance with Spanish law in the framework of its activity. In the event of a request by Dailyjobs, the user undertakes to promptly provide proof that they comply with the above obligations.

I .- The customer agrees to provide the worker with the precise information necessary for the description of the services needed, to be as truthful as possible and not mislead the worker. The worker, on his part, is obliged to propose a serious and detailed offer of the services to be performed and their rates. It also forbidden communicate advertisements to the user or to make doorstep sales.

J .- Users agree to maintain strict confidentiality on data exchanges among them, as well as the information they have received, or who have had knowledge during communication between them through this site. They totally refrain from making it known to third parties and respond legally to the consequences for violating this confidentiality.

  1. Intellectual and industrial property

The source code, graphic designs, images, photographs, sounds, animations, software, texts, as well as the information and content that are collected in www.dailyjobs.es are protected by Spanish legislation on Intellectual and industrial property rights in favor of Dailyjobs. The total or partial reproduction and / or publication of the website is not allowed, nor its computer processing, its distribution, its dissemination, nor its modification, transformation or decompilation, nor other rights legally attributed to its owner, without a prior written permission by the owner.

On this Website, Dailyjobs may provide free information to users that may be of interest to them. The user, solely and exclusively, can use the material that appears on this website for their personal and private use, its use for commercial purposes or to engage in illegal activities is prohibited. All rights derived from intellectual property are expressly reserved by Dailyjobs.

Dailyjobs will ensure compliance with the above conditions as well as the proper use of the content presented on its web pages, exercising all civil and criminal actions that correspond to it in the event of infringement or breach of these rights by the user.

Sometimes, this website uses content posted by registered users, without making any editorial control over such content, and are included primarily in the information reflected in the profile of the USER (referred to your description, name, location, website, etc.). Consequently, Dailyjobs allows its registered Users, through its website, to include said content within the scope of these conditions of use. The responsibility of Dailyjobs for said external content is contractually regulated in the legal conditions that registered Users must expressly accept to acquire such condition and, in particular, the obligation of said users to make good use of this website, understanding for good use that is in accordance with current legislation, good faith and public order.

The DAILYJOBS logos found on the website are trademarks that belong to Dailyjobs, SL and any use of these marks is for the benefit of the same. You may not use DAILYJOBS names, logos, trademarks or brands without express permission from DAILYJOBS.

  1. Personal data protection.

Within the framework of compliance with current legislation, contained in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 (RGPD) regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the treatment of personal data and the free circulation of these data, Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on data protection and guarantees of digital rights and other current regulations on the protection of personal data, whose purpose is to guarantee and protect, with regard to the processing of personal data, the fundamental freedoms and rights of natural persons, and especially their honor and personal privacy, Dailyjobs informs users that it has adopted technical and organizational measures in accordance with the provisions of the current regulations.

The user who freely and voluntarily registers as a Registered User or communicates their personal data to Dailyjobs through the procedures established on this Website, expressly authorizes Dailyjobs to treat it as described in the ” Privacy Policy “ of this Website and always respecting the legislation in force at all times regarding personal data and services of the information society. Any user may at any time exercise the rights of access, rectification and cancellation of their personal data through the procedure established for that purpose in the “Privacy Policy ”

  1. Responsibilities:

Dailyjobs acts as a meeting point for users who want to buy services (“clients”) and business (“workers”) offering such products and services locally. This way, Dailyjobs allows Users to request, offer and provide said services, which will be carried out directly with the aforementioned professionals or companies, through the platform that Dailyjobs makes available to Users, on the website which is object to the present conditions. 

Dailyjobs is exclusively a meeting point between Users. Therefore, it does not exercise any control over the quality, security, or legality of any aspect of any of the services made available by or for Users, nor over the ability of workers to provide services, nor over the capacity of customers to pay for such services, since in both cases, users act at their own risk.

The worker must especially comply with the regulations regarding safety and hygiene measures at work. Any work accident or damage caused by non-compliance with said measures will be the sole responsibility of the worker.

Dailyjobs will not give financial compensation if a worker does not perform or complete the requested task or causes any damages to the client or its belongings.

In any case, Dailyjobs will make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the data provided. However: it does not guarantee the veracity of the information provided by the user / end consumer / potential client / seller / professional / company; it does not make any prior selection of Users before allowing their registration and subsequent use of the platform; nor does it carry out prior editorial control over the content or information provided by Users.

Dailyjobs does not guarantee that users will complete the transaction.

Dailyjobs does not own the products or services offered, it does not have possession of them. Consequently, Dailyjobs does not transfer ownership or any rights to the products or services to the user at any time, but rather this occurs in any case, directly between the two.

Dailyjobs cannot guarantee the true identity, age or nationality of the User, and recommends, as far as possible, to make use of the tools that the platform makes available to obtain prior information about the “worker” (file of the company, recommendations, etc.).

  1. Various

.- Dailyjobs uses cookies which are stored on your computer. For more specific information about the use of cookies by this website go to the section ” Cookies Policy “.

.- Dailyjobs undertakes NOT TO ENGAGE IN MISLEADING ADVERTISING. For these purposes, therefore, formal or numerical errors that may be found throughout the content of the different sections of the Dailyjobs website produced as a result of incomplete or defective maintenance and / or updating of the website will not be considered misleading advertising. Dailyjobs as a result of the provisions of this section, undertakes to correct it as soon as it becomes aware of said errors.

.- Dailyjobs undertakes NOT TO SEND COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT IDENTIFYING IT AS SUCH, in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and electronic commerce. For these purposes, all information sent to Dailyjobs clients or users will not be considered as commercial communication, provided that its purpose is to maintain, where appropriate, the existing contractual relationship between the client and Dailyjobs , as well as the performance of the information tasks, training and other activities of the service that the client has contracted with the company or to which he has joined as a registered user of www.dailyjobs.es .

.- Dailyjobs is not responsible for the breach of any applicable rule that the user may incur when accessing the website www.dailyjobs.es and / or using the information contained therein.

.- Dailyjobs will not be responsible for the damages produced or that may occur, whatever their nature, derived from the use of the information contained in this web site and the programs it incorporates. The links and hypertext that allow the user, through the website www.dailyjobs.es, to access services offered by third parties, do not belong to or are under the control of Dailyjobs ; said entity is not responsible for the information contained therein or for any effects that may arise from said information.

.- Dailyjobs is not responsible for the illegitimate use that third parties may make of the brand names, product names, trademarks appearing on the Web-Site www.dailyjobs.es which are not owned by dailyjobs.  Nor responsible for the integrity, veracity and legality of the content of links to websites that can be accessed from www.dailyjobs.es 

.- Dailyjobs is not responsible for viruses that originate in a data transmission by third party, generated in order to obtain negative results for a computer system. Likewise, it will not be liable for any damages that may arise for the user from the interruption of the electronic system or its faulty operation caused by causes beyond the control of dailyjobs.

.- The user is solely responsible for the use they make of the services, content, links  and hypertext included on the website www.dailyjobs.es.

  1. Applicable law: The relationship established between Dailyjobs and the User will be subject to the laws in force in Spain at all times.

Dailyjobs will use its best efforts to avoid the existence of errors in the information provided on the page; however, it will not assume any responsibility for the damages that the existence, where appropriate, of said errors could cause to users.

Dailyjobs may modify the content of this page at any time and without prior notice and is exempt from any liability that may arise from making such change.